Serving the housing needs of families in southeastern housing opportunity at a time.

HOMES, Inc. provides affordable housing solutions through new construction, rehabilitation and rental opportunities.


HOMES, Inc. was established in 1984. To date, HOMES, Inc. has built 241 newly constructed homes, and repairs an average of 50 owner occupied homes per year, and maintain 50 affordable rental units. HOMES, Inc. is committed to continuing to improve the housing stock of our community and providing safe and decent housing for the service area. 


Our organization is committed to the spirit of service through housing work. Whether the work performed be through our staff or volumes of volunteers, we hope to instill a sense of pride and giving in the communities that we work within. It is our goal to promote service mindedness through our example. 


HOMES, Inc.'s mission is to provide affordable housing solutions to low income families in Letcher and surrounding counties.These affordable housing solutions include affordable, energy efficient homebuyer opportunities, quality affordable home repairs, and affordable rental opportunities.