Volunteer Opportunities

Join our crew for a week of service and fun!
Join our crew for a week of service and fun!

Why does HOMES, Inc. need volunteers?

Volunteers have always been an essential part of our efforts to provide housing to low income families in our area. We at HOMES, Inc. rely on the benevolent labor and finances of you, our volunteers. Your participation enables us to reach more households in need of our work. It is the hard work of our volunteers that help make a non-profit like HOMES, Inc. a success. 


HOMES, Inc. is able to count every volunteer hour as leverage for funding that we will compete for in the future. The volunteer fees are used to cover the overhead and direct expenses of the volunteer program and also contribute to our revolving HOMES, Inc. Home Loan Fund (HHLF).


Additionally, your time and financial contributions are a gift that we cherish; we are committed to being good stewards of those resources. HOMES, Inc. strives to be a volunteer hosting organization which provides unique opportunities for you to work "hands-on" in helping families with their housing needs. Many of our volunteers experience a level of poverty that may be hard for them to process. There are many difficult issues associated with rural poverty in the heart of Appalachia, and it has proved to be a life changing experience for many of our volunteers.


What will my week at HOMES, Inc. entail?

We will work four, ten hour days during your week at HOMES, Inc. You will have a whole day off either on Wednesday or Friday to rest and enjoy the sights and sounds of the mountains. Our field staff will also be working on this same schedule.


Each project is supervised and led by our HOMES, Inc. field staff team. These fellows are dedicated to the service that they provide. They labor year round to rehabilitate owner occupied housing and construct new housing. Without them, your volunteering would not be possible. When you come to join us, each member of this crew is a job foreman. Many volunteers have developed lasting friendships with this team and have often benefited from the field staff’s perspective on local issues.


Prior to arrival, it is impossible to tell you very specific information about what projects you will be doing. However, the work is typically anything to do with rehabilitation, new construction, demolition, and capital projects on the volunteer facility’s grounds.


What does our week cost? 

The volunteer fee is $250.00 per volunteer per week. In order to guarantee the time you have scheduled with us and reserve a permanent spot on our calendar, a $62.50 per person non-refundable deposit is required to be sent along with a group application to:


65 Bentley Avenue

Whitesburg, KY 41858


Then a $62.50 per person deposit must be received 30 days before your first scheduled work day at HOMES, Inc. If the deposit is not received, we cannot guarantee the week you tentatively have scheduled. The remaining Volunteer fee of $125.00 per person will be paid upon your arrival to the Volunteer Facility. Thirty (30) days prior to your arrival please confirm with our office a firm number of expected group members and send the Group Information Form so that a final invoice can be sent to your organization. Please designate only one person to be the contact person who is responsible for all of the financial arrangements with HOMES, Inc. Jackie Joseph, the Financial Manager, will be the HOMES, Inc. financial contact person. For our records, please indicate the name of the group and the work date on your check, money order, or traveler’s check. It is imperative that the remaining deposit be settled upon arrival or first thing Monday morning.


How is our fee used?

The volunteer fees are used to cover the overhead (staff time, utilities and wear and tear of the facility) and direct expenses (housing and materials) of the volunteer program; the rest of the money is committed to our revolving HOMES, Inc. Home Loan Fund (HHLF) to continue to help our clients. While some tasks that you are involved in may not require much funding, other expensive projects require much more funding than provided by your volunteer fee. Your fee allows HOMES, Inc. to assist low income families that in any other circumstance could not be assisted.


Contact Jackie Joseph at (606) 632-1717 Ext. 301 or jackiejoseph8961@bellsouth.net to discuss available volunteering opportunities and book a week of service for your group. Also, take a look at the Volunteer Programs Packet for more information. 


 Getting Started

If your group thinks HOMES, Inc.’s Volunteer Program will be a good fit for your volunteer work, follow the steps outlined below:


  1. Contact Jackie Joseph at 606-632-1717 X301. She will be able to assist you in getting a preliminary stay date based on the number of volunteers you intend to bring. Once you have been given a tentative date, please fill out the attached Group Application form and either email it back to Jackie, fax it to 606-632-1974 to Jackie’s attention, or mail it to our office at 65 Bentley Avenue, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858.
  2. Once Jackie receives your application and your tentative date is still available, Jackie will pencil your group into the schedule and confirm the tentative dates by sending a Financial Agreement to your group.
  3. When you receive the Financial Agreement, please check the numbers that are recorded for your group and the proposed billing for accuracy. If you have any concerns, you can contact Jackie to make adjustments. You will then send in your Financial Agreement along with your $62.50 per person (non-refundable) initial deposit. You will need to send your Financial Agreement and deposit as soon as possible. Upon receipt of your Financial Agreement and deposit, Jackie will forward your group a Confirmation Packet via mail.
  4. Thirty (30) days prior to your arrival, a second deposit of $62.50 per person (non-refundable) is due, as well as the Liability Release, Leader Info Form and Roles and Responsibilities form. If you have any changes in group number, please contact Jackie to update and verify deposit amount. Please contact Jackie to confirm the final number of your group. This is the deadline to add or subtract group members. Once your number is confirmed, Jackie will send you a Final Invoice and Facility Agreement to be collected upon your arrival in Neon, KY.
  5. Prepare your group for the trip. Make necessary transportation arrangements and make sure each volunteer is prepared and has the outlined necessary items to bring.
  6. Be prepared to give 100% of your attention and skills to your tasks!
  7. Make sure to bring copies of the Volunteer Information Forms (for your group leaders). Bring us a signed copy of the Facility Agreement, Liability Release Confirmation and your Remaining Fee as indicated on your Final Invoice. These are due to Harrison upon your arrival in Neon. He will have a copy of your Final Invoice for collection of your fee. If there is any discrepancy, please contact Jackie at the main office the next morning at 606-632-1717 Ext. 301. 


 Click on the  Volunteer Resources Tab to download the Forms mentioned above and to see information regarding the Volunteer Facility. If you can't find what you are searching for, contact Jackie Joseph @ 606-632-1717 Ext. 301 for assistance.